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It has been a long time since I have posted any news on my blog. Why? Because I’ve been involved in another major “project”, by far the most important one I have ever been involved, but very time consuming. And now after 3 months have passed, I am slowly returning to my previous activities. As a picture says more than a thousand words here is the picture of little Victor and myself:

Yes! that is correct! Me an my wife have a 3 months old little baby. His name is Victor Gabriel Ducea and was born on 29 January 2007 (4,075kg/54cm). He was born 3 weeks before the planned date, and this took us by complete surprise… we still had so many things to do, stuff to prepare, and so on… Nevertheless… in just a few hours after rushing to the hospital Victor was born… we were blessed to have a healthy and beautiful baby… and since then our life has never been the same (obviously he is our first child)!

The fact that I am working as a freelancer mostly on remote projects allows me to work from home. This allowed me to give my full support to my wife and help full time with the baby. Even so, the first weeks were very difficult and we were all exhausted (peoples with children will probably understand what I am talking about)… For the peoples that don’t have children probably this is hard to understand, but I would say you can imagine that you want to do your best, but you don’t have any idea what you are doing; you want only the best for the little baby but you are not able to understand why he is crying for hours.

Anyway time has passed and after some very difficult months.. here we are. Much more relaxed, starting to enjoy more and more the times spent with Victor. I guess we got used to this new “job” and I can say that we are now out of beta stage. Even though the baby still needs permanent attention, I am starting to slowly get back to “work”. This means that I will also start posting back to my blog (I even have several drafts prepared during this time that I didn’t had a chance to post online).

ps. during this period I have replied to all the questions received on comments and emails. I would like to thank to all the peoples that have sent me emails during this period asking me why I have stopped posting new articles to the blog and also asked me to continue working on the blog. THANK YOU ALL!

Cheers, – Marius –