The Journal Of A Linux Sysadmin Introduces ExpertRating Skill Tests

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Yesterday, launched their skill tests feature in partnership with ExpertRating: “Skill Tests prove to Employers that you have the exact talent they’re looking for and that you are up-to-date in your area of expertise. When you receive 60% or above on a test, you can post it to the Skills section of your profile, and it will appear with an ExpertRating Certified Professional icon.”

Each test will cost ‘only’ $4.95 (and apparently this is the ‘discounted rate’) :–)

This is rather late is you ask me as Elance had this for a long time now, and for free! Instead of trying to get more money Guru should have launched this as a free service, as I am not sure who would want to pay for this… I would have liked to see an external service like BrainBench (or even ExpertRating) integration with all these freelaning sites so you don’t have to take tests for each site individually.