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Debian AMD64 Port Included in Official Mirrors: No Longer Updated

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More than a month ago I have seen a post by Joerg Jaspert on the Debian devel announce list that was announcing the inclusion of the amd64 port in the official Debian mirrors. At that time only the unstable branch was included, and he explained that will maintain the testing tree until this will be fully synced with the debian-installer so the Debian Etch system will use only Debian mirrors. If you are using the stable release (sarge) then this would not affect you in any way, as they will continue to keep it updated.

Since I manage several servers with Debian Etch AMD64, I was very happy to see that the amd64 port was finally approved and included in the official mirrors. There was no date when this will actually happen for the testing release, but it happened exactly as described: after a period of no updates, today you will notice 404s from, and this means it is finally over…

Ign etch Release.gpg
Ign etch Release
Ign etch/main Packages
Ign etch/contrib Packages
Ign etch/non-free Packages
Err etch/main Packages
404 Not Found
Err etch/contrib Packages
404 Not Found
Err etch/non-free Packages
404 Not Found

So in case you are using the AMD64 port on Debian testing, you should go ahead an change your sources to no longer use, and choose your prefered Debian mirror: For example if you had:

deb etch main contrib non-free

change it to something like (please use your prefered mirror, as this is only an example using the main US mirror):

deb etch main contrib non-free

Once you do this and try to update / upgrade your system, you might notice that there will be quite several packages that will be updated even if they are the same version (just a different build).