My name is Marius Ducea and I’ve been a linux sysadmin for all my career (+10 years). I left my daytime job about 5 years ago, and started working as a freelancer consultant. I worked during this time with over 200 clients from all over the world in some of the most challenging and interesting projects.

We moved recently to the States and this has been an amazing time for me and my family with big changes in our lives. We now live in beautiful California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Cupertino.

I’m usually contracted for things like:

  • Managing high traffic sites, implementing high availability solutions, load balancing and various clustering solution using open source implementations.

  • Application scalability and performance tuning on various systems (apache/php, lighttpd, nginx, mysql clustering, replication and proxy, etc.)

  • Security and monitoring, for Linux servers and Cisco firewalls/routers

  • Worked on various flavors of Linux distributions like Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat/Centos/Fedora, SuSE, Slackware, Gentoo, etc.

  • Cloud infrastructure, mostly with Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus, helping build scalable solutions

  • Configuration management using tools like opscode chef, puppet or bcfg2

About this blog: this is my personal blog, where I share from my experience about managing and maintaining Linux servers. You will find here articles about sysadmin tasks, mostly about Linux, from things I have done, challenges I have passed, that hopefully will be useful to other peoples.

If you have a question or comment, or just want to say hi, please drop me a line and let me know.