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Best Domain Name Suggestion Site:

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Every time I am looking for a dot com domain for a new project/idea I will obviously find that domain registered. What is more annoying is that the domain is not used by someone else but it was just bought by some domain name speculator that will just park it somewhere to get a few bucks out of that name… And if you want to buy it? They will ask thousands of dollars for it… No thanks. In this situation I have to find out an alternate domain name, but this search can be very complex and take a lot of time.

So I have started looking into various domain name suggestion sites to help me find a good available domain name in a very short time. Most registrars (like godaddy, registerfly, etc.) will have a domain name suggestion feature but they just suck, with very poor suggestions. At least that was my experience. Trying out various similar sites I have found out about domainsbot. In my opinion this is just the best tool of its kind, showing great suggestions, allowing to limit the search to only some domain extensions (.com, .net, etc.), to find only available domains or the ones that are for sale/expiring, etc.

Just check it out… I am sure it will help you find and alternate for the domain name you could not get:

Fredi, I hope that this tool will help you in your domain names searches ;).

Other good similar sites: