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Are There Any Accurate Google PageRank Prediction Tools Available?

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Since I have started this blog I was very curious to see what Google PageRank (PR) will it get. Since this domain was never used for any web content before (I have only used it for email), it had no PR, or PR0… So I have tested various tools to get an idea of what will be the PR once assigned.

Basically a search for “future page rank” on google will return over 95M results… and I have tested many of them. Since yesterday I noticed google has assigned a PR to my site (PR6 btw) after 2 months since the site was launched, I though some peoples might find interesting how the various tools performed to predict the PR for me.

I see these tools into two types of categories:

So basically no tool that I have tested predicted the accurate PR that I got (PR6). The closest one was the page rank prediction from that estimated PR4… Strangely this still shows PR4 as an estimate for my site even now after it has PR6… we’ll see on the next update how accurate that is ;).

My personal favorite tool: also check out their cool All-in-one lookup: