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Page Strength? Interesting Tool From SEOmoz

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I just stumbled over this very interesting tool: Page Strength from SEOmoz. Here is some short info about it:

Goals & Limitations:SEOmoz’s Page Strength tool is intended to serve as an alternative to Google’s PageRank score in the toolbar, offering insight into how valuable, important and popular a site or page is as compared to others on the web. If a particular page is on a very popular domain, it may be considered more important than if it’s on a domain that doesn’t receive much attention and, likewise, the homepage (or root URL) of a domain will often be considerably more popular/important than an internal page buried deep in the site’s architecture. In many cases, data may not be entirely accurate, as the search engines and other sources that provide information fluctuate.”

How is the score calculated: “The tool estimates using criteria from humans ( tags, Alexa Rank, mentions at Wikipedia, etc.) and machine-assembled data (like pages indexed, internal link percent and even PageRank itself). It is by no means perfect or entirely accurate, but it is a significant upgrade from Google’s often inaccurate and infrequently updated PageRank score (and it’s fun to use).”

Check it out:

Here are the results for my own domain: