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200607 Poll Results: Where Is Your Dedicated Server Hosted?

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Here are the results from last month’s (July 2006) poll:

Where is your dedicated server hosted?

  • Other: 57% (62)

  • _ 1&1: 10% (11)_

  • _ ThePlanet: 8% (9)_

  • _ EV1Servers: 7% (8)_

  • _ LayeredTech: 6% (7)_

  • iPowerWeb: 4% (4)

  • Rackspace: 3% (3)

  • ServerBeach: 3% (3)

  • Steadfast: 1% (1)

Total Votes : 108

Conclusion? Even thought there were not so many votes on this poll it shows very clearly that there is a big diversity in where the users of this site have their servers hosted. As the clear winner was the Other option this means that I didn’t had your datacenter listed there (I have added all the ones I have been working so far)… I was trying to see if there are many peoples on the same datacenter that I know and have experience working with so I can share some useful tips about it… Unfortunately it seems that this is not the case… Well I will just have to keep this in mind and try to make my posts about hosting as general as possible.

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Cheers, – Marius –