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During the last couple of weeks I have been so busy (as you could have easily seen from the lack of time to dedicate to this site), than I have ever been in my life… I will not bore you with details on what various projects I had to complete and deadlines to meet, but this has always been the same in my life: at some point I will feel so overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do, that I will think that it can’t get any worse than that, and that I will soon collapse from so much work. But as many other peoples might have seen themselves, after some time I will adapt to the new changes and start doing the same amount of work in a much sorter time and reach to a point where I will feel again ‘on top of things’. I am heading now to such a period again but as usual this will not last very long as the work will again increase and challenges will change leading me to a never-ending cycle (my working life). Still from time to time I will need to get away from any kind of work (mostly from any computer) so I can recharge my batteries for the next period. Next week I will finally be able to leave for a few days with my wife on a very short vacation and when we will return we will hopefully be more relaxed and with fresh energy for the next months.

During the last weeks after I have published my 100th post on this site I have received many encouraging mails from peoples that found this site useful and helped them in some way. I would like to thank them all. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to write a few words of encouragement. I will try my best to continue this site in the same way and follow the ideas that I have started it: to help other peoples by documenting some of the challenges I have faced during my linux sysadmin work. Besides the peoples that have sent me encouragement mails there were also a few that have expressed their interest to get involved and help me by writing articles from their own experience. I was very excited by this and hopefully soon you will see posted also articles from other authors than myself. This was delayed a little because I wanted to know personally everyone that will post articles on the site, so I had various skype/telephne discussions with them. Once I liked the person and felt we are talking the same ‘language’ we have moved forward with this. In the beginning I will moderate the articles (and help with whatever I can from my experience if needed), but hopefully shortly they will start publishing directly their posts.

I believe that the addition of contributions from other peoples is a very important step in this blog’s life. I hope that it will be a good and interesting change that will bring more diversity and different ideas from other peoples to the site. I am really excited about this and looking forward to see it live (you should expect to see the first posts in the next weeks).

Again thank you very much to all the peoples that have send me emails and also all my respect to the peoples that are even going to get involved into this by actively helping me to build this site.

Thank you, – Marius –