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200609 Poll Results: Who Is Managing Your Linux Server/s?

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I left this pool running for 2 months as I was really interested to see more results from the peoples browsing the site. Here are the final results:

Who is managing your Linux server/s?

  • Me, of course! –> 79% (139 Votes)

  • No one… Do I need someone to manage my server? –> 6% (11 Votes)

  • My sysadmin (full time employed) –> 6% (10 Votes)

  • My hosting company takes care of this –> 4% (7 Votes)

  • My programmer/s take care of the server when they have time –> 3% (5 Votes)

  • Outsourced using a freelancer –> 2% (4 Votes)

  • Outsourced using a company –> 1% (1 Votes)

Total Votes : 177

Conclusion? Well it is clear that most of the peoples that use this site are managing themselves their Linux systems. This is very cool, and what I was hoping. As you probably know, myself I am working as a freelancer and the small number of votes shown from peoples outsourcing their sysadmin works doesn’t mean that there are not many doing this, just that they have not a reason to use this site.

Please feel free to comment on the results of this poll using the comment form of this post.

Cheers, – Marius –

ps. this month’s new poll (What’s your favorite file system?), will try to show what is the most popular file system among the users of this site.