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eAccelerator 0.9.5 Released - Now With Full PHP 5.1 Support...

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eAccelerator has released on 2006/10/11 its latest stable version 0.9.5 that brings the following changes (from the main changelog):

“Changes in this version (from 0.9.4):

  • This version brings full php 5.1 support, which has as side-effect that eAccelerator won’t work anymore with php 4 on windows, but on other platforms this isn’t a problem.

  • The shared memory functions, session handler and content cache are disabled by default now. They are only used by a small amount of users and they could allow local users to fill up the memory, if they aren’t secured properly.

  • The old web control panel and the disassembler have been removed from the code. They have been replaced with a set of php functions that allow the same functionality to be implemented in a PHP script. The control.php and the dasm.php files are such scripts. More information about this can be found in the README.

  • Memory footprint should be reduced because redundant information in the cached scripts is no longer stored. Keeping this information cached can be done with —with-eaccelerator-doc-comment-inclusion

  • File hashing in the cache directory has been added to improve performance with a large amount of cache files.”

Here is the full release information:

I have been using for a while v0.9.5-rc1 without any problems on a php 5.1 installation. Still on my servers that are still running php 4 I kept the v0.9.4 as this was running perfectly. Now I am planning to update them all to this latest stable version. You should expect to see in the next few days a post on the benchmarks I will do prior to the upgrade, and some impression on the performance changes that this version brings.

Have you already upgraded to eaccelerator 0.9.5? Did you encounter any problems? Feel free to share your information with other peoples that might be using this application.