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Firefox 2.0 Final Released

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Just a few days after M$ released its latest version of its own browser IE7 (that I was not even curious to test), yesterday (20061024) was released the latest version of Firefox v2.0. The changes we can see in this new version compared to v1.5 are not so big as with IE7 vs. IE6, and they include:

  • Visual Refresh

  • Built-in phishing protection

  • Enhanced search capabilities

  • Improved tabbed browsing

  • Resuming your browsing session

  • Previewing and subscribing to Web feeds

  • Inline spell checking

  • Live Titles

  • Improved Add-ons manager

  • JavaScript 1.7

  • Extended search plugin format

  • Updates to the extension system

  • Client-side session and persistent storage

  • SVG text

  • New Windows installer

For full details see the release notes.

In case you have not installed it yet, go ahead and download it from

Depending from the plugins/themes you are using you might see some problems with them running on Firefox2… The installer will try its best to find an updated version compatible with v2.0, but in case that is not available it will disable the respective plugin/s.

Firefox is one of the applications that I use every day and I have all the time a Firefox window opened on my workstation… This has completely changed the way I am browsing the internet and this is the reason for this post to show my appreciation to the Firefox project… SpreadFirefox…

Firefox 2