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Debian Weekly News Is Back

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After the announcement from 26 September 2006: “As Debian experiments with funding, the editor and main author of DWN is going to experiment with spending less time on Debian. Please understand that due to this there may be no future issues of DWN in the current form or that they will only be released less frequently.”

I was not expecting to see a new DWN release soon. And after reading the reason why Joey decided this, you can’t blame him for doing that.

But surprise!… Yesterday I have seen a new release from DWN going live: October 31st, 2006. With the help of other peoples and Joey’s weekly summaries this was possible, and brought back one of my weekly reads. :–)

Anyone with the proper experience, knowledge and time can help keeping DWN alive… For more details see the DWN contributing page to find out how to help.