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How I Stopped Smoking - the EasyWay...

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After being a smoker for more than 15 years, and reaching over 40 cigarettes daily, I have finally decided that it is time to stop. To be honest, I never had the time to think about this during the past years, and besides becoming more and more addicted to the nicotine, this become a real habit and I was most of the time smoking automatically without even thinking of this. But now, since my wife is pregnant and we are waiting for our first baby this made me think more about my health and most important about my family’s health… and at least to consider stopping.

I was lucky enough to find an excellent resource (probably the best one): the book of Allen Carr, “Easy Way To Stop Smoking. Even though there are many other resources on the Internet this book was exactly what I needed. Other sites like this one for example, show the same facts, but the approach is wrong… The winning strategy (at least for me) in Allen’s method is to make me understand that I was not giving up anything. This is the most important. Also realizing that it will not be very hard and painful as I expected. And even if I have not smoked only for a couple of weeks, now I can certainly tell that I am no longer addicted to this (actually I could tell that from the first day I stopped).

So my only advice to peoples that want to quit smoking is to get Allen Carr’s book and read it with an open mind. It might change your life as it has done for me. You will see in the book that he is not telling you to quit smoking until the end of the book (another brilliant idea), because if you are quitting with the wrong mood and wrong state of mind you will be smoking again in no time. The moment I finished the book, was the time I smoked my last cigarette and have never smoked ever since. And it feels great!

I hope this information will help other escape from the “nicotine trap”… and just remember that there is no such thing as “just one cigarette...” (just one cigarette is how people get into smoking in the first place.)

You can find the book on Amazon: “Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking” in paperback, kindle format, etc. I bought at least 5 so far, to give them to various friends and hopefully it will help them too.