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Poll Results: What's Your Favorite File System?

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What can I say? This was for sure the longest poll of the month ever :–)… Unfortunately now it is time to close it… Here are the results that were recorded after several months of running this poll:

What’s your favorite file system?

  • ext3 –> 56% (469 Votes)

  • reiserfs –> 18% (152 Votes)

  • xfs –> 10% (87 Votes)

  • Other –> 6% (52 Votes)

  • reiser4 –> 4% (33 Votes)

  • ext2 –> 3% (26 Votes)

  • jfs –> 3% (23 Votes)

Total Votes: 842

Conclusion? ext3 rules. The fact that it is the default FS on most Linux distributions probably helps. Also the fact that it has a good reputation for data safety, even if it is not the fastest file system, should count for something. Another reason could be the easy migration from ext2 partitions. reiserfs and xfs are the next choices. While reser4 is not yet able to have the success reiserfs/3 had (I wonder why ;–)), and ext2 is slowly getting out of the picture (why would anyone use it anyway?).

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Cheers, – Marius –

ps. this month’s new poll (What is your favorite Email Server Software?), will try to show what is the most popular mail server among the users of this site (and to see if anyone is still using sendmail ;–)). Btw, my vote is for postfix :–).