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MDLogV2 - It's Time for a New Look...

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It is time for a change… Hell, it has been a long time since I should have done this but I never had the time, so here it goes. Since I started this blog I have used the Regulus theme from Binary Moon. At that time it looked as the best choice I was able to find from hundreds of wp-themes I have seen. For sure it was not the worse, but it definitely had its limitations… During the time I have done many changes to the theme, a little one here, a little one there, and at the time I thought to change to a new theme it was no longer so simple. Still if I would have seen a wordpress theme that I liked completely I would have gone for it in notime. But this never happened (to see a theme that I would like completely)… and it was obvious that I had to dig into it and make some changes to modify it myself.

Finally I took the time to do this and give my blog a fresh new look. Once I have found the theme Citrus IslandWP based on the style StyleShout, and ported by Navjot Singh. It looked as a theme with a lot of potential, but I knew that it needed a lot of changes. Now after a few days of digging into it I am ready for the first release of the new theme. There are still many smaller changes to be done, but I feel it is stable enough at this time to make the rest of them live. If you notice any problem or just want to let me know of your opinion (if you like it or if you just hate it), please use the comment form on this post (though I hope most peoples will like the new look :–) ).

Note: since the original theme was GPL-ed if there are peoples interested to have the theme with my changes, I will post it for download. If you would like to use the theme please post a comment bellow and let me know.

Btw are is a screenshot of the ‘old’ v1 design: