The Journal Of A Linux Sysadmin Offers Debit Card for Withdrawals!

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GetAFreelancer (GAF) is what I would call a small freelancer marketplace site compared with major players like elance or guru. Personally I have never used GAF in the past because of their limited payment options (as I will not work on some projects and loose half of the money on site commission, and transfer commissions – like Western Union that was the only viable option for my country).

Anyway, today I have just received this notice from GAF that they are releasing their own Debit Card that can be used online as any MasterCard├é┬« card, and also to withdraw cash in local currency at ATMs around the world. Wow! This sounds great and I would love to use this option on my elance/guru account. Even though I can’t see any of the commissions charges (if any) for the withdrawal, this looks like a great addition for any GAF provider. For me the projects found there still look very small and not interesting at this time, but with this change maybe more buyers/sellers will join the site.

Official GetAFreelancer announcement: