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Openads 2.4 Stable Released

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The latest stable version of Openads 2.4 was just released today (20070911). I was really looking forward to see this version reaching a stable state and followed up this branch since it was called MAX (Max Media Manager) – the change to the Openads2.2/¾ name happened the same time with the phpadsnew rename to openads2.0. This new version should perform much better than the popular 2.0.x release. I will try to perform the upgrade on one of the big openads installations I am managing during next schedulled maintainance next weekend and will update the post if the upgrade process was as expected. What’s new?

Enhanced Power & Simplicity: * Optimized delivery engine increases number and speed of ads delivered – Openads is now capable of serving billions of ads each month. * Improved installation process makes new installations easy and upgrades on existing systems seamless. * Better ad campaign prioritisation.

Easy Integration with Industry Leading Applications: * Ability to track clicks sent to Google AdSense & Yahoo! Publisher Network * Enhanced click tracking of Flash ads and support for backup GIFs * Documented code for easy customisation

Enhanced Targeting & Campaign Management: * Targeting statistics screen gives users a holistic view of ad campaigns to determine which are performing well or not meeting required impressions * Direct selection allows publishers to specify keywords against tags, providing better targeting across the entire site * Campaigns can be capped in the same way as a banner * Zones can be capped in the same way as a campaign * When there are no ads to be shown for a particular zone, ads are automatically grabbed from a linked zone

Improved Reporting * Reports automatically generated at pre-set times when publishers, admins and advertisers need information * Revenue maximized by tracking visitor behaviour from click-through to transaction and reports produced using real-time information * Basic reports simplified, including graph creation