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HowTo Report to Google a Gmail User for Sending Spam

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As any big company that has a complex site, google makes it easy for us to find help topics on most of its pages. Still, if you will want to perform something specific you will probably find it not very easy and have to digg a little in their complex help system for the answer. Yesterday I was so annoyed by one spammer that was sending the same mail over and over, and since the broadcast email was sent using gmail servers, I tried to report the spammer to google. Since it was not so easy to find those links for this action I have documented them for future help in similar situations :–) .

Google’s Help pages are different based on the location you are when browsing google’s services/pages:

  1. The location I found the link was inside the HELP link found on the top of the main GMail account page. If you don’t have a gmail account? Hmm… Try the direct link.
  2. Next click the SPAM link under Your Messages/ Receiving.
  3. On this page locate the link: “I’d like to report a Gmail user for sending spam.” under Troubleshooting. Direct link:

That’s it. Depending from the actual spam you are reporting choose the appropriate options, and when prompted on the next page enter all the requested details. Be prepared to paste the full message headers, the title of the spam message, the sender and any other comments you would like to be included in the report. Next it’s up to google to do something and suspend/remove their user account if that is the case.