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2007... What a Great Year!

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This is my first post in 2008, and I just can’t start it differently than remembering some things about the year that has just finished. 2007 was definitely the most intense and challenging year for me. It was a great year by all means, as this was the year when I’ve learned what it means to be a parent, with little Victor being born on 29 January 2007. Since then nothing was the same :–) .

Looking back, I must say that we have achieved so many things during this year. Victor is growing very fast, even though I can’t see this only while watching older pictures or movies. We have been blessed with a wonderful and healthy little boy, and the fact that we have not slept one full night in 11 months makes it less important. ;–) .

As I am working as a fulltime freelancer, it was very important for me that all my clients understood the special situation I was experiencing. They were all very supportive and this made me proud on working for such great peoples. Still after a few weeks, I had to return to normal work and catch-up with all the things that were pending. During all this year I have not worked on any new project, but I just tried to just keep up with my existing clients and what used to be my ‘normal work schedule’. It was not easy, but I think I managed to do it very well. Still, my hobbies and other activities (including this blog) were always left out. Reviewing back my last year’s blogging activity I had just 40 posts, with some of them just short announcements. I am not very happy about this, and actually near the end of the year tried to make some changes and improved a little and saved somehow the situation: I changed the blog theme to a nicer and cleaner one, put live a forum where I hope peoples can ask their questions and get responses (this was already useful to some peoples I think – even if I was the only one trying to resolve their problems), and I tried to get back to a more frequent posting habit.

I am hoping that in 2008 I will have more time to dedicate to this blog, and finish up the never ending list of drafts I have started and never finished. I would also love to have more time to blog on things I have a lot of experience like: tuning and optimizing, scaling on LAMP, securing Linux, configuration management tools, etc. Also I would love to see other peoples getting more involved by adding their own stuff (either in the form of comments, posts, or just questions in the forums).

I would like to thank all my readers that remained close to me, and I hope we will all have a great year in 2008.

Thanks, – Marius –

ps. here are some pictures of me and Victor: 20071021 20071229