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When Should We Expect Centos 5.2?

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Last week RedHat released RHEL5.2 on the 21st, and probably most people running Centos 5 are wandering when they will get the updated Centos5.2 release as well. From past releases I have noticed that this takes a couple of weeks, close to a month, but didn’t really track the exact time lag between the releases.

Reading from Tim Verhoeven’s explanation:

“For some background information, why does it take 3,5 weeks ? First we need to remove all the logos and trademarks of Upstream. Secondly we need to build everything from source and this for both i386 and x86_64. Then everything that gets build goes past the QA team that verify that everything works as it should. From all the build packages install media will be created and these also need to be tested by the QA team. For each release a set of release notes are created and these are translated in different languages (12 for 5.1). Finally all the packages and media need to be uploaded in distributed to the mirror network so you can download it.”

we learn that we should expect Centos 5.2 released sometimes around June 14th 2008 (sooner or later).