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TypePad AntiSpam Beta

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“Akismet has caught 202,526 spam for you since you first installed it…”

Wow… I can’t imagine how my blog commenting would have looked without Akismet. This has saved me from a lot of troubles and as you can see it just went over 200k. It is just unbelievable to see how much commenting spam is going on and I can’t imagine anyone having their blog ‘open’ and manually verifying all the comments.

Akismet has it’s problems, and from time to time I see it timing out and spam going through, but since I don’t get 15,000 spams / day like the big boys, this is not a huge problem. ;–)

A few days ago Six Apart launched a new free open source product called TypePad AntiSpam. It’s free (Akismet costs for a commercial license), it has a plugin for WordPress 2.5, it’s open source, and it’s compatible with Akismet (so you can even run them together). I will definitely test this out and if all is ok, start using it on this blog.