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Debian Pure Blends

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The Debian project announced yesterday that it has renamed the former “Custom Debian Distribution” concept (under which Debian projects such as Debian Edu, Debian Jr, Debian Med, Debian GIS and Debian Science were collectively known) to the catchier name “Debian Pure Blends.”

The Custom Debian Distribution/Debian Pure Blends concept is similar to what Fedora calls “Spins”. Essentially the releases under the Debian Pure Blend heading are Debian at their core (compatible with Debian base packages for updating) but configured to support a particular target group out-of-the-box, like:

  • Debian Edu: a Blend aimed at schools
  • Debian Junior: For children
  • Debian Med: Medical
  • Debian Science: Debian for different sciences

For a detailed explanations about Debian Pure Blends, check out the Debian wiki page: