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DRAC IP Port Numbers

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The DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) is an interface card by Dell which provides out-of-band management. The controller has its own processor, memory, battery, network connection, and access to the system bus. Key features include power management, virtual media access and remote console, all available through a supported web browser. This gives system administrators the ability to configure a machine as if they were sitting at the local console (terminal).

The DRAC card has several services bound on its dedicated IP; here is the list of the default ports and their usage:

  • 22 Secure Shell
  • 23 Telnet
  • 80 HTTP
  • 443 HTTPS
  • 161 SNMP (UDP)
  • 3668 Virtual Media server
  • 5869 Remote racadm server
  • 5900-5901 Console Redirection

This list can be useful, if you need to setup port forwarding, or firewall rules while working with DRAC cards. For more, check dell’s manuals.