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Monitoring With Icinga @ SF Bay Area LSPE Meetup

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Yesterday evening I presented at the SF Bay Area Large-Scale Production Engineering meetup group at Yahoo HQ a talk about “Monitoring with Icinga”. This was an introductory talk intended to bring awareness about icinga (there were only 3-4 people from the audience of about 75 that heard of it before), and I think it reached its goal very well; afterwards there were many people interested to try it out and had various questions about it at the end. I was also very happy to have Matthew Brooks one of the icinga core developers in the audience and backing me up to some of the more difficult questions people had. Thanks again Matthew for coming! Here are the slides from my presentation:

Monitoring with Icinga @ SF Bay Area LSPE meetup

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@LSPEMeetup made available the video on; unfortunately the quality of the video/sound is not the best; you can find it here.