Welcome to www.ducea.com!

Welcome to MDLog:/Sysadmin! This is the home page of my personal weblog that will contain information about various sysadmin related stuff. In case you want you can find some info about me here.

Does the world need another blog? Most certainly not, but hopefully this site will be helpful to other peoples that are facing the same problems I have already solved. At least I will have an online journal where I will try to post regularly the things I have done, the challenges I have passed, and this will be useful for me in the future to review my past works.

What can you expect to find here? Well anything related to sysadmin tasks. Mostly related to Linux, and Debian my personal favorite Linux distribution at this time. Also RHEL, Fedora, Centos will have some place as I have various clients that I work for, with those distributions.

If you believe that this site would benefit from something from your own experience, or you would just like to have me write about something particular, please use the contact form. I promise that I will try to respond timely to all requests that don’t look as spam.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site,
- Marius -

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