Fight for your country by wining free Brainbench certifications

The Second annual Bench Games starts today (May 15 through May 31, 2006). Last year over 200,000 people from 179 countries participated in the event.

I hold several Brainbench certificates (viewable online at Brainbench using Transcript ID#:403446), and I have been a Brainbench member for a many years (you can see a list of some certificates I have also on my about page). I believe that holding some well known certifications can help someone in his career even if this was not the case for me. Still when I had some available time I liked to take some tests just to see where I stand compared to other peoples. Brainbench has always been a nice place for me to test my skills, with many tests available from various technical fields.

I was quite happy to see that Brainbench had such a great idea to promote their services (quite smart idea, imo), by holding a worldwide competition. Champions will be chosen in the following events:

  • The country that certifies the greatest percentage of their citizens
  • The country that certifies the most citizens Participants from the winning country will be awarded a Bench Games Team Certificate.

A leader board will be updated daily starting on May 16 at 3 pm GMT, and will be available during the competition to track how your country is doing.

They are also giving away many prizes:

So go ahead and support your country, enhance your resume, and get a chance to win great prizes, by proving your skills in the free Brainbench competition. I know that I will do that in the spear time I will have in the next days, and try to bring my own contribution to my own country.

ps. I am not affiliate in any way to Brainbench and all the links are direct link to their site. I’m just sharing this information about what I believe will be a very nice event.

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