10 days after...

Wow… 10 days have already passed since I have started this site. I have learned many things during this time… and here are some thoughts and conclusions I have reached:

1. The site obviously got some attention… I would say that 12,252 unique visitors in the last week show this, right? Quite impressive I would say. This was obviously achieved as a result of two stories reaching the frontpage on Digg:

2. About Digg: I was very excited about Digg… I thought that having a visual representation on how many peoples liked a story is great. But, there is just too much flame on Digg… Too many peoples were just making comments for the sake of making a comment and hurt my feelings. I assume that this is very normal when many peoples see one article and there will always be some ones that will say “Hey I knew this! This is something very simple and is not worth anything”. I am sure that there are many peoples that are very good in Linux and even if my site is not intended for the first time Linux users, I would have not expected such reactions. Obviously a super Linux sysadmin has not much to learn from here (as probably from nowhere else, as he knows everything already, right?), but still… so much flame… So I have decided that for the time being I will no longer submit any of my articles to Digg, and just keep an eye on the site and get to learn more about it.

3. About the comments on the site: I wanted to allow any comment on the site. To have anyone’s real feedback and not censor it in any way. This of course without the normal spam that gets deleted… But after seeing what are the opinions of some peoples, I have decided to change this. From now on, I will no longer approve any comments that have no value to the site. So if you are going to say something like: “Hey, this is something I know already” or something similar, that brings no value to the site, don’t bother, as I will no longer accept it. If you have something to say that is useful, or if you have a real question, please do that and I will approve the comment as soon as possible, but if not, stop wasting my time. Also I will go over the old posts and clean them up of the useless comments (sorry for the peoples that will get their comment deleted or not posted, but if you want it here try to post something useful to others).

4. I have decided to go for an Google AdSense account. I am fully aware that the community of Linux users that will be looking at the site are not very common to click on the advertisements, but this big traffic means extra costs for my hosting package. So I am not hoping to get rich from this, but if I will at least be able to pay my hosting than I will be very satisfied. :-).

Please let me know of your opinion. Let me know what you have liked on the site, or what you would like to see on it in the future. I promise I will read your feedback with attention and try to follow the good ideas.

- Marius -

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