CPanel Perl upgrade

**CPanel **is relying very much on perl, and this is why it treats the perl package as a very important one. Many of its internal scripts are written in perl, and this is why it would be best to keep your perl installation in concordance with what CPanel likes ;-).

Normally on a CPanel system you will have perl in the skip list of the update package manager (up2date/yum). The perl installation will be the one from the time CPanel was actually installed, and from what I am aware this will not be upgraded automatically. The latest perl version that CPanel has released is v5.8.7, and if you have an older install than you might have an outdated perl version on your system.

To check what is the perl version on your system, use:

perl -v

This is perl, v5.8.7 built for i686-linux

As you can see here, I am running the latest perl version available on CPanel so in this case an upgrade would not be necessary.

If you need to upgrade your perl installation, here is the proper way to do it, in order to not break your CPanel:

tar xfz perl587installer.tar.gz
cd perl587installer

After this is done, run:


You can also run the following to ensure that all the necessary modules were reinstalled:


Once you have completed the upgrade, you can check again the perl version (perl -v) to ensure that this was properly installed.

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