Evolution: A New Look for CPanel

CPanel is working to change its look. You can already see a new look on their site (www.cpanel.net) that replaces the old spartan site with a more pleasant and modern look. If you ask me, I never understood why they were not presenting a more professional web site, as if you compare their old site with Plesk website for example, you will see a huge difference. Still the plesk site is much better in my opinion from all points of view but it is nice to see that they are working on this…

Now the reason for this post is not to bring attention to the new look of CPanel site, but to announce the changes that we will soon see on the CPanel/WHM interface on our servers. They are working on a new theme called Evolution that you can already see it in action on CPanel demo site: http://demo.cpanel.net There are rumors that this will replace the old cpanel theme X, and many peoples will not be very happy if X will no longer be available in the next versions of CPanel. We can expect to see Evolution soon take over our CPanel in the next release.

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