Debian "Lenny" freeze coming up

Debian GNU/Linux has published a new release update outlining the current status and upcoming goals of the project before the expected September release of version 5.0 “Lenny”.

Among the more interesting release goals:

  • GCC 4.3 as the default compiler on all architectures
  • Switch /bin/sh to dash
  • Prepare init.d-Scripts for dependency-based init systems
  • Support for python2.5
  • Transition to Perl 5.10

Lenny will ship with GNOME 2.22 while the status of KDE has not been decided yet (whether it will include KDE4.1 or not). A freeze of non-essential toolchains and libraries is now under way, with a full freeze expected to take effect in July.

Here is the current release schedule:

  • Early of June 2008 - Freeze of the non-essential toolchain
  • End of June 2008 - Freeze of all library packages
  • Mid of July 2008 - Full freeze
  • September 2008 - Release lenny!
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