Migrating from Trac to Redmine

I just finished the migration of my trac installation to redmine. The redmine migrate_from_trac documentation helped a lot, but there were some issues that didn’t work quite as described; this post will describe the correct steps I had to follow in order to import my old trac data (tickets, wiki pages, etc) in redmine.

1. Use Redmine 0.8.x stable

I lost some time with the current trunk version (r2571) until I realized that the importer is broken in trunk. Use the latest stable 0.8.x version, and if you want to use trunk, upgrade to it after you have the trac data inside redmine. While using trunk all was working fine (no error or anything strange), just the wiki pages were not imported in the redmine project. Anyway, I will assume you have a working clean installation of redmine 0.8.x before we will move on.

2. Import Trac data

My trac (0.11.2) database was using sqlite3; meaning I had to install first sqlite3-ruby:

gem install sqlite3-ruby

Next I ran the import script from inside the root redmine folder:

rake redmine:migrate_from_trac RAILS_ENV="production"

and entered the following:

Trac directory []: /var/trac/project
Trac database adapter (sqlite, sqlite3, mysql, postgresql) [sqlite]: sqlite3
Database encoding [UTF-8]:
Target project identifier []: project

if for your trac installation uses sqlite then use the original doc steps. For the target project identifier use a name for a new project in redmine that will have the trac data imported (small caps).

The script showed a summary of the imported objects, and hopefully you will find them inside the redmine new project. In my case most of the wiki pages were ok, but some had wrong formatting and needed to be manually fixed (minor issues). Overall I am very happy on how this worked and that I have now all my old trac data inside redmine.

3. Upgrade to trunk (only if you want to use trunk)

If you wanted to use trunk (like me) you can now migrate the redmine installation to trunk using svn (make backups first, etc):

svn sw http://redmine.rubyforge.org/svn/trunk .
rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV="production"
rake config/initializers/session_store.rb

and restart redmine, and you should be running trunk.

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