InnoDB Plugin Version 1.0.3 released: enhances concurrency and scalability on multi-core systems

The InnoDB Team just released the InnoDB Plugin version 1.0.3. From their announcement here are the main points of this release:

  • Enhanced scalability: the Google SMP enhancement for synchronization
  • More efficient memory allocation: ability to use platform allocator tuned for multi-core systems
  • Improved out-of-the-box scalability: unlimited concurrent thread execution by default
  • Dynamic tuning: at run-time, enable or disable insert buffering and adaptive hash indexing

wow… now this is indeed some great news for innodb users… I am writing this, and still I can’t believe that they’ve included the Google SMP patch in their official release. I can only assume that alternative projects as XtraDB, Drizzle, Percona patches, Google patches, etc. made Oracle to look back and try to do something with innodb besides the regular bug fixes. Even if we already use several of the great ‘unofficial alternatives’ this is good news for everyone. Way to go Oracle! and looking forward for future performance improvements in the official innodb plugin; including existing patches that are out there already for sometime is a good start, but internal improvements from the innodb team would be also great ;-) .

Here are some performance results based on their own tests:

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