Thoughts on twitter and blogging

Recently I started using twitter more and more. It took me a while to understand its usage, but today I think of twitter as a very useful tool to quickly communicate and receive news. Instead of blogging about some news I find it much easier (and faster) to tweet them. For example:

could have been the subjects of a new blog post, but now twitter feels much more natural to share such news, that don’t really need a blog post.

Moving forward, I thought that bringing this information from twitter to my blog in a weekly digest blog post would be something cool, and users of my blog not using twitter could find interesting. I setup the wordpress plugin called “Twitter Tools” to do just that. Yesterday the twitter digest post was published and I was looking at it and it was not looking so good; it was just a list of thoughts that were not related, and were either outdated or taken out of some discussion had in real-time on twitter; it was useless…

The rather brutal comment I received immediately from @VonSkippy (thanks for being so honest and direct): “Your site is relatively interesting, so please don’t pollute it with useless crap from twitter” made me realize even better that my feeling was right. This was not bringing any value and taken outside of twitter the information was no longer interesting or uptodate. I asked some friends about their thought on this and they all felt the same; in the end I decided to disable the twitter tool weekly digest post and had to admit this was a mistake that I had to undo.

Regardless of this, I will continue to use twitter probably even more in the future as I still see it as a very cool and useful tool for quick and direct conversations and news sharing, but I will not try to substitute it to blogging and will keep them separated. If you want to follow me on twitter you can do that @mariusducea.

ps. the sidebar widget is a live update from the twitter feed and I will leave that on as it is definitely more useful and interesting than a digest, as a quick glance on the last tweets.

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