FindMyHosting Review

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I’ve been asked to review this site and give my impressions about it. The truth is that I don’t have much experience with shared hosting as most of my experience is with dedicated servers from various hosting companies, and anytime I had a friend asking about where do I recommend him to host his small site I didn’t knew where to direct him. This is why I thought that such a webhosting directory as FindMyHosting would be a great start for anyone looking for a shared hosting account to host his new site. We can search from a long list of hosting company and get them ranked by users reports (nice).


We can easily search for the best hosting plans by:

  • price
  • country (would be nice to see some from EU, not only from the US, etc.)
  • platform (linux, win, etc.)
  • disk space
  • data transfer

The hosting directory also lists various plans by their programming languages and features support like:

  • FrontPage Web Hosting
  • PHP / MySQL Web Hosting
  • ASP Web Hosting Plans
  • JSP Web Hosting Plans
  • ColdFusion Web Hosting Plans

Besides the searchable database of hosting plans FindMyHosting is also providing some very good introductory articles for people new to hosting that can help them better understand this industry and make a better decision on finding their first host.


FindMyHosting is a webhosting directory that can help people find the right hosting plan and hosting company. This is mainly restricted to shared hosting (even if you can see some dedicated server entries you should not rely on that list) and mainly from hosting companies from the States. I would suggest to bring in more hosting companies and their offering from all over the world (Europe for ex., but any country really); normally finding a good host in US is much easier than in other places ;) . Also personally, I would rather remove the dedicated server section as that can be confusing to new users in the domain, or if not try to add some serious companies and be a real directory for dedicated servers also.

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