OSBridge: Configuration Management Panel

The moment I heard about the Open Source Bridge Configuration Management panel session on FLOSS Weekly a while ago, I was hoping that I will be able to see the recording of this session (as for obvious reasons I was not able to attend and see this live in Portland, Oregon). They managed to bring together (for the first time to my knowledge) the creators (or maintainers) of all the major configuration management tools to date was very impressive; and obviously someone as myself that has been working with many of these tools (I haven’t tried/used automateit yet) would definitely see this as a great session.

Here are the members of the configuration management panel (from left to right):

Luckily the video of the session (among other videos from Open Source Bridge) was published and anyone can see this great event:

Now, after I sow this I must admit that I was hoping for a little more engagement and controversy. Instead we sow a friendly debate where everyone presented his own tool, without trying to go over the line and tell why it is better than the one of someone else (we have definitely seen several such blog posts from them in the past ;) ). Anyway this was a great event and a great opportunity to have all the major people in this field come together and share their story. I’m sure that after this they will get back to work, we will see new features and improvements in their tools.

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