It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated my blog, and many things have happened during this time. As most of my friends and readers know by now, we moved to the States last year in December (about 5months ago), and this has been an amazing time for us with many changes in our lives. I could describe it as a full reload, complete reset, start from scratch, and so on. But it has been a great experience so far and we enjoy it and definitely have no regrets. We now live in beautiful California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, in Cupertino.

I’ve been lucky to have my brother (that is living in the States for many years now), help me out initially, and after that had great support from my US friends that perviously I knew only from Skype calls and emails. It was amazing to meet up with people I knew for many years but only ‘virtually’, and they have all been great and I am really thankful for all their support. It has been very hard to leave back home our family and friends, but again Skype to the rescue, and now we use it in the different direction (taking with people back home), and it has been an invaluable tool during this time.

I’m really excited to live in a place where most of the interesting ‘things’ in the tech field are happening, and I’ve already started getting involved in several meetups and conferences, and I expect that with time this will only become more and more interesting. Exciting times are coming in our field, and sysadmins/devops/webops will see a dramatic shift in their work in the future, as we move into cloud computing and automation.

I’m also very happy that I can now interact directly with my clients, going to their offices and having meetups in person is definitely a much better experience. I’ve been working for a long time remotely and this has definitely its advantages and I still work for much of my time remotely even now, but being able to speak and meet with people is definitely a much better experience for any consultant. I’ve also been very lucky to work on very interesting and challenging projects, and with the very best and smartest engineers in the industry, and this makes it even better.

Now that things are starting to cool off a little, I hope to be able to return to my blog and have the time to write about some of the exiting things I’ve had the chance to work on lately, like configuration management and automation with chef and bcfg2, scaling high traffic sites, cloud computing using amazon ec2/s3 and eucalyptus, but also about normal stuff that happen during the day of a sysadmin.

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