Velocity 2010 - Web Performance and Operations Conference

O’Reilly’s Velocity conference is THE place you want to be if you are in the Web ops and performance field. This is the third year of the conference started by Steve Souders and Jesse Robbins and it is the place where all the important people in the field gather once a year. This is my first year I’ll be able to attend Velocityconf live here in Santa Clara and I’m very excited about it.

Anyone not able to attend Velocity live can still learn a lot of what’s going on by watching the keynotes that will be streamed live and made available later on demand. Being here, I’ll try to come up with some short blog post on what I found interesting and think might be valuable for the readers of my blog. If you are interested in something in particular ping me on twitter or send me an email, and if possible I’ll try to attend and write about it.

Today is a full workshop day and I’ll be attending some very interesting ones: “Scalable Internet Architectures”, “Cassandra Workshop”, “Infrastructure Automation with Chef” and “Cloud Security: It Ain’t All Fluffy and Blue Sky Out There!". It should be a great day with many interesting talks, and later in the evening some cool BoFs and Ignite Sessions.

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