Debian News: Lenny 5.0.6, backports, stats.

Updated Debian GNU/Linux: 5.0.6 release

This week the Debian project released the 6th update to its stable release Lenny, 5.0.6. All recent security updates have been added, as well as some other fixes. The linux-2.6 package was also updated for increased hardware support.

Backports service is now official

I was very happy to hear that the debian backports project is now an official debian project. I always used (and liked) the repository to easily bring in updated software to the stable release. Now, after it become an official project and not just a fun project of three developers will hopefully be even better and have more software added into backports much faster. Don’t forget to change your apt sources config to point to (old mirror will still work for a while).

deb lenny-backports main contrib non-free

Debian growth over time

Also on some unrelated news Romain Francoise published some interesting stats on the growth of the Debian archive over time:

  • woody (2002): 8273 packages
  • sarge (2005): 15195 packages (+83.7%)
  • etch (2007): 18043 packages (+18.7%)
  • lenny (2009): 22277 packages (+23.5%)
  • squeeze (2010?): 28870 packages (+29.6%)

Wow… now that is really impressive.

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