First Chef Cookbook Contest Announced!

Yesterday Opscode, the company behind Chef, announced the first ever chef cookbook contest. In order to participate in the contest you will need to write a new cookbook and submit it by the end of September; this is going to be a little tricky as there are many cookbooks already available on the community site. So this is a great idea and it will take care of the few applications that don’t already have chef cookbooks. The cookbooks which shows off the awesome Chef features will have better chances to win. The prizes are also interesting: iPad, gift cards, etc. Here are the full details and rules of the contest:

So if you have an idea for a chef cookbook, now it’s the time to start working on it. I’m offering my help for free for all my blog readers: I will help you write a cookbook by implementing your ideas; help reviewing it or suggest improvements, or whatever else you might need help with. Use the contact form to email me (or DM me on twitter) and let me know how I can help.

If you don’t have time to write a new cookbook but you have a great idea for a cookbook that is missing from the opscode community site, please post it bellow in the comments section and I’m sure some of my blog readers will help create it.

Again this is a brilliant idea from Opscode and it creates a win-win situation for everyone. I’m just curious, is this the first idea from their new community manager? If this is the case, great job Jesse ;).

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