Getting ready for LISA11 - Boston

I’m packing for Boston and will be there next week for LISA11. This will be my second year as part of the LISA blogging team, and after how much I enjoyed LISA last year in San Jose I wouldn’t miss this one even if it is on the other side of the country. I’ve tried to finish as much work as possible to be able to focus on the conference ;) but for various reasons of course this was not quite possible, and actually during the first days I will even be on call… In anycase, I’m sure this is going to be a great week full of awesomeness. I will be blogging for the USENIX blog every day, so be sure to follow that for fresh articles from me and the other memebers of our team (Ben, Rikki and Matt).

If you are going to LISA11 in Boston next week, we should definitely meetup. Contact me on twitter or email.

The Limoncelli Test, was a very interesting presentation by Tom Limoncelli based on a blog post he wrote earlier this year. If you haven’t done it already I would strongly recommend to take the test and see how does your sysadmin team rank on “The Limoncelli Test”.

Recovering From Linux Hard Drive Disasters is Theodore Ts’o signature training material on what to do if you have any sort of hard drive failure and covers in depth details on how to recover from such disasters caused by software or hardware failures.

GameDay: Creating Resiliency Through Destruction (slides): I enjoyed very much Jesse Robbins presentation, where he draws parallels between two of his greatest passions: firefighting and operations. Watch the video.

SRE@Google: Thousands of DevOps Since 2004: Tom Limoncelli, describes the technologies and policies that Google uses to do what is (now) called DevOps. Watch the video.

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