I’m working on many projects where we have a process that will make sure that every change we introduce in the cookbooks enters as a new version and where we use extensively environments to select what versions of cookbooks we want to use in each environment. This sounds like a great idea, and a workflow that I would highly recommend to anyone for sure. Still, after a while, the result is that you will end up with hundreds maybe even thousands of cookbook versions and most of them are unused (besides the few ones that you are referencing in each environment and maybe the latest ones). Normally I would not care about this and as long as it is not causing performance issues you should not care about it either. Still you must admit that when debugging any problems, it will make it more complex with all those versions everywhere; see bellow an example.

hadoop 0.1.118 0.1.116 0.1.115 0.1.114 0.1.113 0.1.111 0.1.109 0.1.108 0.1.106 0.1.105 0.1.104 0.1.103 0.1.102 0.1.101 0.1.99 0.1.98 0.1.97 0.1.96 0.1.95 0.1.94 0.1.93 0.1.92 0.1.91 0.1.90 0.1.89 0.1.88 0.1.87 0.1.86 0.1.85 0.1.84 0.1.83 0.1.82 0.1.81 0.1.80 0.1.79 0.1.78 0.1.77 0.1.76 0.1.75 0.1.74 0.1.73 0.1.72 0.1.71 0.1.70 0.1.69 0.1.68 0.1.67 0.1.66 0.1.65 0.1.64 0.1.63 0.1.62 0.1.61 0.1.60 0.1.59 0.1.58 0.1.57 0.1.56 0.1.55 0.1.54 0.1.53 0.1.52 0.1.51 0.1.50 0.1.49 0.1.48 0.1.47 0.1.46 0.1.45 0.1.44 0.1.43 0.1.42 0.1.41 0.1.40 0.1.39 0.1.38 0.1.37 0.1.36 0.1.35 0.1.34 0.1.33 0.1.32 0.1.31 0.1.30 0.1.29 0.1.28 0.1.25 0.1.24 0.1.23 0.1.22 0.1.21 0.1.20 0.1.19 0.1.18 0.1.17 0.1.16 0.1.15 0.1.13 0.1.12 0.1.11 0.1.10 0.1.9 0.1.8 0.1.7 0.1.6 0.1.5 0.1.4 0.1.3 0.1.2 0.1.0

(and this was the cookbook with the least versions that I’ve found to paste here).

While working on knife-backup I realized what a huge waste this was, and decided that I needed a way to clean these and keep on the server just the relevant ones.

To solve this problem I wrote knife-cleanup and if you have similar needs you might find it useful. It will cleanup all unused versions of the cookbooks you have on your chef server (this might be hosted opscode platform or open source server). Before doing any deletion it will backup the version it touches (just in case).

If you want to check it out, just install the gem:

gem install knife-cleanup

and assuming you have a working knife config you can run it with:

knife cleanup versions

and this will output the versions it would delete.

If you are ready to delete, you can do that with:

knife cleanup versions -D

and you can find the backups of the versions deleted under .cleanup/cookbook_name

Notes: I’ve seen various cases where it is impossible to download a cookbook version (and knife will error out). From my experience there is not much we can do about that, so the script will just ignore the backup, but will delete the corrupt version. You might want to have a full chef server backup before (see knife-backup) just in case. The way how I’m using this is with exact version pining of cookbooks in environments (for more details see chef-jenkins); if you are using environments and cookbook versions in a different way, then this might not make sense for you.

Hope you will find this useful and looking forward for your feedback.
Patches are welcome: knife-cleanup on github

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