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RegisterFly Technical Support Can Be Very Funny Sometimes (if You Have Already Moved Away From Them of Course)

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A while ago I have written about the problems I had with RegisterFly and how I was able to move away my domain from them. Since then, I have completely moved away all my domains (even the not important ones) to Godaddy, as I was afraid that once ICANN will deal with RegisterFly the move could be more complicated if they shutdown their business as it should happen imo. Since I already was an “expert” on moving my domains out of RegisterFly this happened without any problem. Still I had a couple of money in my RegisterFly account so I thought that I could use that for a domain renewal… I tried for a couple of times and it was just not working… It took the money but it was not renewing the domain. The money was already lost there in the RegisterFly account, so I completed my last domain move out.

I must admit that I was a little upset on how they could do something like that… this was plain robbery… So I opened a support ticket:

Time Submitted:5:59:4 [2007-03-19]


A few days ago I have paid for the renewal of my domain:
The payment went through, but still now I see that the domain has not
been RENEWED!!!

2007-03-15 PAYMENT 4NA13878DJ725324J $8.99 4NA13878DJ725324J

There was no failure message, nothing... Just that the domain is not
renewed... But you took the money!!!
Hmm... What is going on?

- Marius - 

That’s all (as I obviously got no reply for several days)… I am a busy person so I don’t have time for this… I accepted the loss and moved over and thought to never hear (or write) about RegisterFly… Still a few days ago I received the most funny technical support ticket I have ever seen (from RegisterFly of course):

Responses from Customer Support

This domain is found to be registered with
GO DADDY SOFTWARE, INC. Please check below link.;

Thank You.

Renewal Support INC
ICANN Accredited Registrar

Fabulous… I had no idea :–). And so RegisterFly were able to close one other technical support ticket (after 2 months of hard work).

I hope that this was fun to read as you should not have any domains on RegisterFly at this time. If you still have any domain with RegisterFly, maybe this post has convinced you to finally FLY AWAY!